Association welcomes N.M. providers

Sunday, March 5, 2006

AUSTIN, Texas - The board of directors of the Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (MESA) voted in February to add New Mexico to its service area.

"We always want more members--I'm greedy; I want every member I can get," said Liz Moran, MESA's executive vice president. "There was not a state or regional association that reached out to New Mexico, and I expect we will get more New Mexico members once they find out there is an association they can align with."

MESA includes Texas (219 members), Arkansas (20 members), Louisiana (31 members) and Oklahoma (26 members). Prior to voting to include New Mexico, MESA counted two providers from that state among its members. Those two members felt sure that other providers from New Mexico would want to join MESA, Moran said.

MESA members--like providers who belong to AAHomecare and/or state and regional associations--benefit from receiving timely information regarding industry regulatory and legislative issues. By increasing its membership, MESA boosts its lobbying clout, especially in Washington, Moran said.

"If it's only 10 or 12 new members, it is still worth doing," Moran said. "Providing services to members is what associations are all about. Before now, no one could count New Mexico as part of their numbers, and there is strength in numbers."

MESA members pay $250 in dues annually.