ATG Rehab forges unified front

Friday, October 31, 2008

ROCKY HILL, Conn.--ATG Rehab kicked off a branding project in October, strengthening its presence by unifying a network of independent companies behind one name.

As a private holding company, ATG Rehab has assembled a network of 20 rehab providers in 15 states. Now, all of the providers will take on the ATG Rehab name, eliminating customer confusion and overlapping coverage, said Jerry Knight, Northwest region president of ATG Rehab. In California, for example, two ATG Rehab affiliates were operating in abutting territories and essentially competing in the same market, he said.

“We are now trying to exploit and accentuate the strength of the national ATG footprint,” Knight said.

“Our strong belief is that the value of each of these organizations independently grows by aggregating them.”

Previously, providers operated independently, but as ATG Rehab affiliates, they gained back office support, marketing opportunities and a stronger voice in state and national initiatives.

In addition to branding its buildings, vehicles and business cards, ATG Rehab is unveiling a new Web site and updating its logo. Knight envisions the Web site as a “go to” site for clients looking for legislative, regulatory and product information, as well as resources related to certain diagnoses or disabilities.

ATG Rehab’s logo has undergone more subtle changes aimed at marketing the company as a service organization working to “improve lives,” Knight said. For example, the green in the logo conveys the idea of “go” and moving forward. It also carries an eco-friendly connotation, he said. ATG Rehab plans to take a more green approach by streamlining and consolidating paperwork across the board, Knight said.