ATS, ATP consolidation

Thursday, July 31, 2008

LITTLETON, Colo.--Providers wonder how RESNA’s plan to consolidate its ATS and ATP certification will affect CRTSs. A CRTS is a NRRTS registrant in good standing for two years who has passed the ATS exam.

NRRTS is lobbying RESNA to release its new certification and a new specialty certification in wheeled seating and mobility at the same time. That way, NRRTS could require the specialty certification for CRTSs.

“Otherwise, the CRTS lacks a true handle,” said Simon Margolis, executive director of NRRTS. “Also, the specialty certification would raise the bar at NRRTS further than ever before.”

NRRTS has 544 registrants who are ATS-certified, most of them CRTSs. Some have passed the ATS exam but haven’t been registrants for two years yet.

NRRTS is also lobbying RESNA to create separate tests for the specialty certification, one for therapists and one for providers. The typical work done by the CRTS and the ATP differ dramatically, Margolis said.

“If there’s no specific exam for providers, we may have to go with our own exam,” he said
If RESNA meets these requests and others, NRRTS will donate $15,000 to develop the specialty certification.

RESNA plans to release the new certification some time this summer and the specialty certification some time next summer, officials say. Additionally, RESNA envisions the specialty certification more for therapists, not providers.