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‘While this is a difficult time for HME providers, it is also a crucial time for change,’ Henninger says
Friday, September 23, 2016

ATLANTA – Reimbursement for home medical equipment continues to decrease and claims audits continue to increase, but there are still new markets available for HME providers, particularly in disease management.

At Medtrade in Atlanta, Cheryl Henninger, an independent healthcare consultant, will show attendees what those new markets are and how to take advantage of them.

HME News: What’s your background in disease management?

Cheryl Henninger: I have been a licensed registered respiratory therapist with 25-plus years of experience within many divisions of the healthcare industry, including HEDIS, population health, coding, compliance, reimbursement, and management. 

HME: How do you define disease management?

Henninger: Disease management is engaging those with chronic illnesses and empowering them through education and support to better understand and manage their health for positive healthoutcomescomes.  

HME: Why is disease management a driving force in health care right now? 

Henninger: Disease management has been a main focus for many years in healthcare. What’s key now are the approaches used to empower people to be actively involved in their own healthcare and getting them established with appropriate healthcare providers for proper monitoring, support, and management.  

HME: What are the opportunities for HME providers in disease management?

Henninger: HME providers are already homecare experts. They are in a key position to provide patient support and education, as well as act as healthcare navigators to connect patients with needed services to help improve patient outcomes.

HME: What’s the most important thing you want attendees to take away from your session?

Henninger: While this is a difficult time for HME providers, it is also a crucial time for change. It’s time to step outside of the traditional HME services and become known for being the key disease management experts they are and for greatly contributing to positive outcomes in population health. 

Cheryl Henninger, independent healthcare consultant

“New Age DME for the Aging Population - How Durable Medical Equipment Providers Can Prove Disease Management Expertise”

Wed, Nov 2, 2016, 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM

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