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Bid education shift to Round 2 aftermath

Bid education shift to Round 2 aftermath

Unlike previous competitive bidding educational programs, the Medtrade Spring 2012 conference will focus on the aftermath of Round 2.

Still, the Medtrade Educational Advisory Committee has put together a solid program on competitive bidding for attendees even though the focus has shifted, said Group Show Director Kevin Gaffney.

"We feel it will be as big an issue as ever if not more so," he said. "Even with bids due by March 30, we would expect there to still be lots of questions and concerns and we are making sure the experts are on hand to assist. We will continue the competitive bidding track of education and while we have not finalized plans for continuing the very popular Competitive Bidding Central yet, I do hope we will be able to offer this opportunity to attendees and exhibitors once again."

There are several competitive bidding sessions scheduled, including programs led by CMS and DMERC officials.

In assessing the competitive bidding track, education advisory board leader Jeff Baird concedes that it will have a different message this year.

"Unless we see a delay or extension on application filing, it will be 'window closed,'" said Baird, a healthcare attorney with the Amarillo, Texas-based law firm Brown & Fortunato. "So we won't be talking about how to bid or how to fill out forms--it will be about 'what happens now,' whether your company has won a bid or not."

Baird credits Gaffney for convincing CMS and DMERC representatives to appear at the show, and says the conference will be better because of it.

"This is a chance to hear from the regulators that some in the industry see as being 'out to get us,'" Baird said. "But when you spend time with these folks, you will see that their motives are strictly based on getting rid of dishonest companies."


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