Bigger & better data

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Just received my September issue of HME News today and wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the white paper on the state of the industry. There were some very informative graphs in the insert and valuable information. I look forward to reading HME each month and will look forward to an even better more detailed state of the industry report in 2005.

- Joseph Sunderland works at Apria in Hawaii
No more fraud
Re: ‘More HME scandal brews in Florida’ (see recent news story and HME Newswire Aug. 23), the ethical and criminal misdeeds in our industry have got to stop. IF it doesn’t, two things will happen: 1) The industry will no longer be profitable or attractive to honorable business and healthcare professionals; and 2) The government will take over the entire system BOTH of these outcomes are terrible... You think things are screwed-up now, just wait until the criminal and unethical conduct of some, causes legislators to extend more authority to the feds and your statehouse.

-  Vince Crew is president of REACH development in Naples, Fla.