Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Watching the detectives
With Peggy Walker

Q. Due to the problems in Houston, Texas and a knee jerk reaction from CMS, the good guys are having a lot of difficulty getting their re-enrollment packages through in any type of timely manner. What can you do to ease this process?

A. Because the NSC is scrutinizing all re-enrollment numbers as well as new numbers, be prepared for the on-site inspection. If you do not have a packet or instructions for your staff on what to do than you need to organize your paper work and have it ready for the inspection.

When you fill out your forms:

- Check for correct addresses. - Send a “complete” copy of liability insurance.

- Check the NSC Web site for licenses required in your state.

- Send copies of updated licenses.

Remember that if you fill out as a ‘DME with Oxygen,’ you will need to have a licensed RT on staff.

The NSC is now contracting with Comprehensive Overland for on-site inspections. A few pointers:

- Let every employee know they need to respond to the investigator with what they ask for, no more.

- The employee should ask for ID and note the rep’s name and phone/fax number.

- Designate a specific employee as investigator contact.

- Know 21 supplier standards.

- Duplicate copies of anything you copy for an investigator and keep in a separate file.

- Keep a log of all faxes, phone calls and letters.

Peggy Walker, RN, is Biling & Reimbursement Advisor for U.S. Rehab/VGM: 800-642-6065