In brief: Rotech attracts investors, USM cracks Texas market

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NEW YORK – Robeco Investment Management owns 1,836,354 shares or 7.15% of Rotech Healthcare's common stock, according to a July 18 Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The shares are worth $7.99 million, at Rotech's July 18 closing price of $4.35. Robeco holds the shares for Robeco Boston Partners Long/Short Equity Fund of The RBB Fund, Inc. On June 9, another investor, Wynnefield Capital Management reported in an SEC filing that it owns 1,682,427 shares or 6.6% of Rotech’s common stock. Rotech announced July 19 that it has completed its registered exchange offer of $283.5 million in aggregate principal of senior second lien notes for an equal amount of its Senior Second Lien Notes due 2018.

USM cracks Texas market

ST. LOUIS – United Seating and Mobility (USM) announced June 30 that it has finalized a deal with Rehab Specialties to acquire its complex mobility business. The addition of Rehab Specialties brings USM into Texas for the first time. Rehab Specialties has branches in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley. USM President and CEO Bob Gouy stated in the release that the operations would continue with the same team and leadership.

Do you use respiratory therapists?

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Roberts Home Medical has created a short survey on the use of respiratory therapists by HME providers. Roberts Home Medical will share the results of the survey during a presentation titled "Home Care RTs: Is Anybody Still There?" at the American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in November. Take the survey:

Roho sponsors International Symposium

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – The Roho Group announced July 18 that it will sponsor the first International Symposium on Seating and Posture Aug. 18 to 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The symposium includes seven presenters from around the world covering several topics, including research and practices. For more information:

Fastrack offers bar coding

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. – Fastrack Healthcare Systems announced July 15 a new function for its Document Manager that will allow users to add bar codes to forms. The bar codes allow the user to find the form within the system and sort documents into categories. Users no longer need to tell the system where to locate each document. "This new feature will dramatically improve productivity and aid in eliminating paper in the office," President Spencer Kay stated.