Sunday, August 31, 2003

DSM association supports House Medicare reform

WASHINGTON - While the HME industry has lobbied hard against the House Medicare reform bill, which calls for competitive bidding and increased privatization, there’s at least one niche within the market that has embraced it: the Disease Management Association of America (DMAA). There’s good reason for DMAA’s support: The proposed legislation would not only provide prescription drug benefits to U.S. seniors but also offer disease state management benefits. “We now need to reach out to our legislators to insure that the final Medicare modernization legislation sent to the president provides access to disease management services for all Medicare beneficiaries,” said Robert Stone, president of DMAA.
Feds meet to discuss obesity epidemic

WASHINGTON -  Federal health officials held a private meeting here in July to get advice from scientists and researchers on combating obesity. Meeting participants discussed America on the Move, a national walking program launched in early July that is intended to encourage people to walk an extra mile each day to eliminate 100 calories. They also discussed current food labeling standards, childhood obesity and supersized portions. Another topic of discussion was the creation of a National Institute of Obesity, which would oversee weight loss research.

Walgreens Health Initiatives, the HME arm of Walgreens, has opened a new location in Indianapolis, providing respiratory services and equipment, infusion services, home medical equipment and full clinical support to patients within a 70-mile radius...Dallas-based AirLogix signed an agreement with HIP Health Plan of New York in July to provide a comprehensive asthma disease management program for the health plan’s 850,000+ members... The private-equity firm of Ferrer Freeman & Co. has purchased 100% of HealthSouth’s shares in OrthoRx, thus making Ferrer Freeman & Co. Orthofix’s new partner in the OrthoRx 50/50 joint venture, which serves the orthopedic DME market.