'Brush up' for specialty certification

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ARLINGTON, Va. – Details continue to trickle in about RESNA’s specialty certification for seating and mobility. For starters, RESNA has decided to name the specialty certification “seating and mobility specialist” (SMS).

SMS will be a modifier to the  assistive technology professional (ATP) certification: ATP/SMS.

“This way it reinforces the ATP certification,” said Anjali Weber, RESNA’s director of certification. “It indicates that this is a specialty within the larger domain of the ATP.”

RESNA has also posted an exam outline and study materials on the specialty certification section of its Web site (http://www.resna.org/content/index.php?pid=497). The outline covers five subject areas, including performance of seating and mobility assessment; and funding resources, coverage and payment.

Potential candidates will want to make sure they have experience in or knowledge of each of the subject areas, Weber said.

“There may be things that people need to brush up on,” she said. “For example, there may be diagnoses they don’t work with, because they specialize in pediatrics or geriatrics. But it’s like a board exam—they have to know a little bit about every area.”

RESNA has priced the specialty certification exam at $250.