Catching up with Drive Medical

Sunday, August 29, 2010

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. - For a company that's been quick to develop a DME product line that includes 2,500 items, Drive Medical has taken its sweet time rolling out an oxygen concentrator, but that was by design, said CEO Harvey Diamond.

Drive formed in 2000 but only introduced a concentrator earlier this year. The company could have done so sooner, but "we kept testing and testing and getting feedback from therapists as well as providers, kept tweaking so that when we finally came out with one, it would be well received," Diamond said.

So far, that has been the case, he said.

Drive Medical has also hired the "perfect guy" to develop its respiratory business and spearhead its government relations efforts, Diamond said. That guy: Mitch Yoel, who joins Drive with 10 years experience building respiratory businesses at three large HMEs. At Medstar Surgical,  in Queens, N.Y., he helped grow the company's sleep business from 15 to 120 referrals a month. (see HME News September 2004).