DHS keeps in touch

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WESTERVILLE, Ohio - Definitive Homecare Solutions (DHS) in 2011 sent out its 200th email newsletter to users of its CPR+ HME Software and Infusion Software programs.

"When we did the 100th newsletter, we all kind of laughed," said Laura Pugh, who is the editor of the newsletter and a corporate trainer for the company. "Everyone thought we'd do it for six weeks and quit. But we've stuck to it."

The newsletter, called CPR+ Weekly, reaches 10,000 users each week. When it started in 2007, it reached 5,000.

The main purpose of the newsletter, Pugh says: To notify users about training opportunities, system upgrades, special discounts and other information.

"We always try to have training information or other valuable information for customers," she said. "We have free training every week and people didn't know about it."

DHS also strives to make the newsletter fun. For a recent April Fools' Day, the newsletter included a photo of the car of one of its managers under the headline, "You could win this car."

"We also said we had a new version of our software that would take 20 pounds off of you," Pugh said.

In its newsletters in August and September, DHS promoted a contest to commemorate its 200th issue. Users who completed three puzzles correctly--a word search, a jumble and a crossword puzzle--had their names thrown into a hat to win paid registration to the CPR+ User Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 14-16; roundtrip airfare; and accommodations at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

"The response was overwhelming," Pugh said.