Friday, December 31, 2004

Pulmonetic recalls the recall
MINNEAPOLIS - Pulmonetic Systems has scratched plans to correct a battery back-up problem with its LTV ventilators and now plans to replace the power boards on more than 10,000 ventilators nationwide.

The company had hoped a ‘pigtail’ adapter, easily attached to the power cord, would keep the ventilator from shutting down if external battery source went out. But the adapters themselves proved faulty (See HME News, Dec. 2004).

“People were having difficulty getting the adapter to attach to the pigtail,” said Pulmonetic CEO Jim Hickey.

Other ventilators failed to power up from external batteries when routed through the pigtail.

“We figured out the best thing to do is just to make the power board change,” said Hickey.

Pulmonetic plans to pay for the cost to repair the power boards at its Minneapolis facility or its authorized service centers.