Monday, September 30, 2002

Altimate Medical
Ovation Strap Stand
The new Ovation Strap Stand allows disabled individuals and the elderly to stand directly from their wheelchairs. The specially designed lifting arms gently raise, and then gradually pull, the user into standing position, minimizing pressure on the knees. The swing-away leg option allows users with larger wheelchairs to pull up with ease.

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Columbia Medical

Contour Ultima Customizable bath chair
The Contour Ultima, a reclining bath chair by Columbia Medical, is customizable to match the user's needs. It's available in four standard sizes, as well as 192 combinations. The chair can also be adjusted by changing the angle between the seat and back sections, and the seat and leg sections. It folds flat for easy storage.

Booth No. 5650

Waffle Whole Healer
The Whole Healer treats Stage II-IV pressure ulcers with a non-powered overlay constructed of two individual air cells nestled on top of each other. It's easy to turn and transfer. The Whole Healer meets the HCPCS code requirements of a non-powered, advanced pressure-reducing overlay for standard mattress length and width.

Booth No. 455
EMSI 4250 Interferential electro medical stimulation device
The EMSI 4250 is the latest advancement in interferential therapy. It's designed to operate at up to 4,250 cycles per second (Hz), the highest available in the industry, the company claims. EMSI says it's offering the unit at a lower price than other similar models. The company provides electro medical devices and supplies of all types to the HME industry at special wholesale pricing.

Booth No. 441
DC Linear Actuator System Electrical equipment
Fasco's new linear actuator system is tailor made for healthcare beds and various other DME applications. The design integrates a right angle linear actuator that's powered by a quiet and efficient 24-volt DC motor and a functional electronics package all in one complete system. The actuator, junction box and pendant are designed to meet IP66 standards and are for domestic and European use.

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Freedom Concepts

Discovery Mini Therapeutic mobility aid
Freedom Concepts custom manufactures these therapeutic bicycles for children as young as 1 year old. The bikes provide children with the external support necessary to work on their own strength and coordination while increasing their motivation for the task. These benefits are often carried over to other functional tasks such as crawling, standing or walking. Freedom Concepts also offers a rear-steering option.

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Gordon Ellis
Devon Commode Chair Aide to daily living
The Gordon Ellis Devon Commode Chair (Item #5507) offers a compact design with an all-plastic seating area for added comfort. It's covered with washable vinyl fabric and contains a purpose-designed potty with lift and seal lid system for safe disposal. The chair's maximum user weight is 350 pounds, and it measures 21 inches wide by 32 inches tall.

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Homecare Products

EZ-Access Modular Ramp Modular ramp
Homecare Products, manufacturer of EZ-ACCESS portable ramps, introduces modular ramps to its line-up. The company is pre-assembling the ramps in Homecare's new manufacturing facility. This efficient system allows a 24-foot system to be installed with rails in less than 30 minutes. EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramps comply with ADA Code Section 4.8, and offer quick and convenient installation and removal. The ramp carries an 850-pound weight capacity rating.

Booth No. 1141

Lifty Loo Commode/toilet

The Lifty Loo is an inexpensive lift-assist device that can be used as a commode or over the toilet. It adjusts for height and angle, as well as for the weight of the patient. The seat automatically locks in a lowered position and releases easily when lift is desired. Its extended armrests provide support for transfer and hygiene care. No electricity, plumbing, or batteries are needed.

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