Don’t overlook former employees

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Q. What are some unique ways to find skilled HME professionals?

A. Oftentimes, we forget easy-to-use methods for hiring that go beyond newspaper and on-line postings.

Former employees

There are different types of former employees: Employees who left to complete their education or to be stay-at-home parents; employees who left to assume positions elsewhere and who may be enticed back by different positions, promotions or higher salaries; retirees who might be interested in part-time or full-time positions; and employees who were affected by a downsizing in their new companies.

An advantage of hiring former employees is that their job performance is known. However, be careful. When you rehire someone it might cause problems with current employees.

Past applicants

You can quickly identify and contact people who have previously applied to your company but who were not selected for positions. Many have already been interviewed, so you should know their qualifications, skills and pay requirements.


Always keep applications from the individuals who simply drop by the organization to apply. This is informal, quick and inexpensive.


Go ahead, use your connections. Don’t be bashful about calling an old acquaintance and asking for references.

Search firms

Search firms with direct HME experience can seek out candidates with exact qualifications. These candidates are generally gainfully employed and untouchable by common advertising and in-house HR strategies.

Of course, there is no absolute answer but being armed with these potential new strategies may just help you get one step closer to hiring those tough to fill spots.

Ian McCracken is president and owner of Professional Recruiting International. Reach him at <a href=