Drive DeVilbiss targets sleep

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. – A combined Drive DeVilbiss is significantly ramping up its presence in the CPAP market.

Already this year, the companies launched a next-gen version of the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP2 AutoAdjust CPAP in February, and a patient engagement SmartLink App in April.

“DeVilbiss has a long history in the CPAP space, dating back to 1989, when the therapy was first entering the market,” said Mitch Yoel, executive vice president of business development for Drive DeVilbiss. “Drive is leveraging this industry experience and these engineering resources to grow and expand the suite of products and tools available to HME providers.”

Drive bought DeVilbiss about a year ago, allowing the company to expand its presence in the oxygen therapy market and enter the sleep therapy market.

Knowing that competition is stiff in the CPAP market—with Philips Respironics, ResMed and Fisher & Paykel known as “the big three”—Drive is giving DeVilbiss the muscle it needs to be more of a contender, Yoel says.

“The PAP market needs a product and technology end-to-end option with the sources and scale to be relevant in a market dominated by a few large manufacturers,” he said. “Drive is bringing resources, scale and market insights.”

With connectivity the driving force in the CPAP market right now, the combination of the IntelliPAP2, which is Bluetooth enabled and uses a patented SmartCode technology to allow patients to remotely report usage and efficacy data to providers, and the SmartLink App, which makes it easier for those patients to engage with the IntelliPAP2, Drive DeVilbiss is right on target, Yoel says.

“With the launch of the IntelliPAP2, Drive DeVilbiss has one of the most advanced CPAPs available on the market today,” he said. hme