Fastrack, MedSage integrate

Sunday, August 31, 2008

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., and PITTSBURGH--Fastrack Healthcare and MedSage Technologies have integrated their software and voice recognition systems, allowing providers to better manage operations and patients, company officials say.

The integration, announced in July, is a first for both Fastrack and MedSage.

“We wouldn’t do this with just anyone,” said Fastrack President Spencer Kay. “We’re doing it with a company that has a proven model and that provides distinct benefits to our clients.”

Now that Fastrack and MedSage’s systems talk to each other, it’s easier for providers to use Fastrack’s scheduling module, for example, to deliver enteral products to a patient once a week for 12 weeks and use MedSage’s voice-recognition system to follow up with him about compliance and reordering supplies.

Before the integration, providers could use Fastrack’s and MedSage’s systems together, but it took some elbow grease, company officials say.

“We always have to ask, ‘Where do we find this data?’ and, ‘How do we get it?’” said MedSage President and CEO Jerry Connelly. “Now, with Fastrack, we have that sorted out from the start, which makes implementation easier.”

Fastrack customers who use the integrated solution increase efficiencies and reduce costs, Kay said. They don’t use precious employee time making phone calls, and they don’t deliver supplies to patients who don’t need them.

“This is another step toward helping our customers automate their entire businesses,” he said.

More and more, providers are clamoring for increased functionality between systems, Connelly said.

That should drive further software integrations.

“That’s a good thing,” he said.