FDA adds to test strip recall

Sunday, December 17, 2006

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration intensified its recall of counterfeit LifeScan blood glucose test strips Dec. 15.

The recall--first issued Oct. 13 and again Oct. 26--is now classified as a Class 1 situation because some of the counterfeit products might give blood glucose readings that are either too high or too low, possibly leading to a patient taking too much or too little insulin, resulting in serious injury or death.

The counterfeit test strips are:

* One Touch Basic Profile (lot 272894A, 2619932, 2606340. 2615211 and 227078A; and

* One Touch Ultra lot 2691191 and, just added to the recall, 2691261.

The counterfeit products are not manufactured or distributed by the Milpitas, Calif.-based LifeScan and the company is not conducting the recall. Instead, firms distributing the counterfeit products are responsible for conducting the recall.

The counterfeit test strips were distributed to pharmacies and stores nationwide by various distributors.