Feeding and feedback

Monday, November 21, 2011

ATLANTA - To make a sound product, CMB Solutions believes its users must sound off about it. That's why the Carmel, Ind.-based software company invited 15 HME industry users to lunch at Medtrade for an informal idea exchange on ways to improve its Automated Patient Contact System.

Called "Leaders Lunch--Growing the DME Collaboration," the session included HME providers and manufacturers that use the CMB system. Lubbock, Texas-based The Med Group co-sponsored the event.

A newcomer to the HME industry, CMB wanted to make an impact at Medtrade by hosting a meeting of "top decision-makers," said Jim Howle, national sales manager. "The intent is to get valuable feedback on how to build a better patient contact system."

CEO Phil Sever led the session, asking participants about what they would like to see in future generations of the CMB product. Founded just 18 months ago, the company "came from DME ideas," Sever said. "Now we are on a quest to fill in the blanks." He added that a frank discussion about the product is constructive and that "you shouldn't be afraid of negative feedback--you need it to grow."

CMB's patient contact system uses electronic voice messaging and live phone technology to provide a platform for service calls, patient care checks and product ordering.

Among the areas the group covered was the concept of developing a patient communication app for iPhones and iPads. While the majority of the attendees said they thought the idea was a good one, the consensus was that it might be premature for patients.

"It may indeed be too early," Sever agreed, "but it's something we want to get on people's radar screen. It could be a powerful tool down the line."