Former HCFA chief decries lack of home care

Thursday, July 31, 2003

ATLANTA - A one-time HCFA (now CMS) administrator called the lack of access to home care in this country a “continuing scandal.”

The former administrator, Bruce Vladeck, made his remarks in a June 12 CNN interview headlined “The Trouble with Medicare.”

“It’s just really a continuing scandal in a society as rich as this one, folks can’t get the home care they need, they can’t get the drug coverage they need, they can’t get the more sophisticated kinds of durable medical equipment that would help them work or leave the house more regularly,” Vladeck told CNN.

Vladeck, who is now Professor of Health Policy and Geriatrics Mt. Sinai University in New York, was the HCFA administrator from 1993-1997. HME