The future is coming

It sounds obvious, and it is.
Friday, June 19, 2015

The future is coming.

But while it sounds obvious, the future is not simple to predict and it’s certainly not easy to navigate.

And yet, it’s coming, always coming.

The future is what buzzes in the back of my mind when I look at the slate of sessions for this year’s HME News Business Summit.

The future is a panel of “disrupters” who are redefining what they do, and in the process, redefining the HME industry.

Dan Afrasiabi has served Alaska and other rural states with an integrated and holistic approach to home care. Rich Roberts has grown his company 1,000% in three years by rolling up the assets of more than 100 businesses and creating efficiencies of scale. Dan DeSimone has put his clinical staff above “the suits” and has still found a way to come out on top. Chris Cheever has made it his job to be a “disrupter” through various Lean improvement efforts.

The future is an approach to sleep therapy that emphasizes smart machines and apps that better connect healthcare providers and patients and increase data collection, and as a result, improve adherence.

The future is an HME industry where providers are valued for all that they do, not what payers think they do. 

“The perception is, ‘Oh yeah, the DME people, they deliver walkers and wheelchairs,’” says Michelle Templin, who heads the ACO Network of Managed Health Care Associates.

The future is a payment model that’s long-sighted not short-sighted, one that supports technology that allows seniors to stay in their homes safely. Dave Gilbert, who developed a technology that allows families to monitor aging relatives remotely, knows the opportunities—and challenges—of this firsthand

The future is unknown, of course, but what you’ll learn during these and other sessions at this year’s HME News Business Summit is that the future is something you should always be speculating about.

It’s something that should empower you to explore different avenues, to take risks.

Because the future is coming, and we want you to be ready.