Golden adds heft

Monday, July 31, 2017

OLD FORGE, Pa. - Companies tend to make big announcements when they change or update their overall strategy. But sometimes, making prominent hiring decisions can amount to the same thing.
For example, Golden Technologies recently announced three executive hires, including two newly created positions: Cy Corgan as vice president of national accounts, and Jack Byrne as CFO. The company also hired Chris Carroll as director of marketing.
“The bottom line,” said C.J. Copley, Golden’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, “is that to realize our vision of really helping retailers, we need to have the best possible team. And these were two positions we felt were required to achieve our goals.”
But Copley pointed out that these executive positions aren’t the only additions Golden has made recently. The company has also added four new
people to its IT department, as well as people in purchasing and on the production line.  
“We’ve seen an influx of people that want customized products,” he explained, “and dealers are learning that you can customize things to make them perfect for the individual.”
As for how all these changes will affect the company, Copley said, “In the short term, we’ll be getting orders filled delivered faster. As for the long term, we’re setting up our infrastructure so that as we continue to grow we can continue to be nimble and drive efficiencies and service to our retailers.”
Copley added: “We need really sharp pencils to figure out how to provide more and be better.”
But some things won’t change, Copley said.
“We are ultimately still dedicated to bringing product to market with which our retailers can do well,” he said.