Goodbye to EMC

Monday, December 31, 2001

With regard to Electric Mobility and its dealer network, good bye to dealership sales and good riddance. Electric Mobility was a lousy business partner for dealers and even for its own sales staff in the field. They did national advertising in magazines geared to senior readership and they amassed high numbers of leads. In a geographic area where a dealer or salesman were based, they never shared leads. They called the leads directly from NJ and tried to sell from there, cutting out the salesman or the dealer. Here in  Colorado they used to go through a salesman a year. When the guy figured out what the company was doing to him he inevitably took off for greener pastures. Even with dealers, Electric Mobility would not protect their dealer network or pass along leads. They kept them themselves and called the people "until they would buy or they would die." So from dealer to Electric Mobility: good bye- good riddance and come back when you can't stay so long.

- Elliott Magalnick works at the The Get Well Shop in Aurora, Colo.