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Harmar expands manufacturing

Harmar expands manufacturing

Harmar MobilitySARASOTA, Fla. – Harmar Mobility is moving to a new facility that’s just one mile away but that increases its square footage by 60%. 

The company, which has expanded over the past year from 195 to 220 employees, needs more room not only for its corporate offices but also for its manufacturing plant, which houses 40 tons of equipment and which will see a 44% increase in square footage at the new facility. 

“Our employees’ happiness and comfort are extremely important to us,” said Harmar CEO Steven Dawson. “Which is the biggest reason for staying as close to our original facility as possible. Our team members are used to the commute, used to the area—we didn’t want to lose anyone because the new location is too long a drive.”  

The new facility also provides, among other things, double the conference room space, a training room for dealers, and a photography and videography studio. 

While the offices are already in use, Harmar’s team continues to prepare the new facility to house all of its equipment, as it needed significant upgrades to electrical, lighting and ventilation. The company has been sending over equipment to the facility in stages, over a series of weekends. 

“It’s a big move for a short distance,” said Joe Ayette, vice president of operations. “We officially began the move in October of 2020, but it obviously was in the works well before then.” 

Harmar plans to have the move complete by fall.

Image credit: Brian Adams Photography


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