HHS funding 'good news' for rehab providers

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently promised $55 million more in funding to a program aimed at making it easier for Americans with disabilities to live in their communities and homes. That's "good news" for rehab providers, according to one industry source. HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson says the funding "demonstrates this administration's commitment to providing people with disabilities with the tools they need to participate fully in community life." W.B. Mick, director of the MED Group's National Rehab Network, said the "tools" Thompson speaks of include the wheelchairs rehab providers dole out. "People with disabilities need equipment to get outside of their homes not just to use in their homes," he said.
Task force prepares to submit more codes

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The coding task force of AAHomecare's Re/hab and Assistive Technology Council (RATC) has a meeting May 14 in Baltimore to outline the next batch of products it'll submit code applications for. The task force submitted 14 product code applications and eight accessory code applications for pediatric mobility base and wheelchair products to CMS last month. On May 13, the day before the task force's meeting, CMS is expected to discuss those applications at its DME Open Meeting, also in Baltimore.
RATC collecting proposals for accreditation program

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — AAHome-care's Re/hab and Assistive Technology Council (RATC) has begun collecting proposals to create new standards and measurement tools for a rehab accreditation program. As expected, an RFP was released last month. Applicants have until July 15 to submit proposals. Those interested in reviewing the RFP should contact Mary-Lacey Reuther, executive director of RATC, at 703-535-1892 or mlreuther@aahomecare.org.