In-house repairs: Are we alone?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Over the last 30-plus years I have been a repair technician in several different disciplines, including diesel, hydraulics, high speed pneumatics and automotives. I started working at Apex of St. Peters about four years ago and established a repair department. Why is it that I never see articles regarding companies that do their own repairs instead of relying on repair centers or manufacturers?

We have found the cost savings from doing our own repairs as nothing less than spectacular. Apex owns 500 concentrators, ranging from eight- to 10-year-old models no longer in production to the latest manufacturers have to offer. I do all the repairs including warranty repairs. As long as I can acquire the parts for the oldest machines, I can keep them productive in our fleet without having to constantly replace them with new machines. This is a considerable cost savings.

We also own more than 100 different pieces of liquid oxygen equipment that I maintain. By doing all repairs here we also save a bundle in ever-rising shipping costs. Could it be that we (Apex) are in the minority on this issue? Several articles I’ve read hint at in-house repair shops, but don’t really go into any detail.

Equipment repair technician,
Apex of St. Peters, Helena, Mont.