'I learn something every day'

Friday, February 29, 2008

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. - Tammy Zelenko, president and CEO of AdvaCare Home Services, recently became one of 70,000 women who belong to the National Association of Professional & Executive Women (NAPEW). She joined the association to network with other women who run small- to medium-sized businesses and to "widen her horizons," she said.
HME News: How do you expect NAPEW to "widen your horizons"?
Tammy Zelenko: If you look only at your own company or your own region, you're limiting yourself. You need different viewpoints. The association has people who can offer that, and many of them are from other industries. You don't have to be so focused on your little piece of the world. I have something to offer, too. It works both ways.
HME: What type of knowledge will you look to the association for?
Zelenko: I'm always looking for ways to motivate employees and improve their performance. I'm also looking for ways to run my operations more efficiently.
HME: Why did you choose a women's association?
Zelenko:There aren't enough opportunities out there for women. Any time women can help other women, in any aspect of life or career, it's a benefit for everyone.
HME: Do you think the industry could do more to put its credentials on exhibit?
Zelenko: We could. There's a lot involved in what we do. On the clinical side, with respiratory therapists and sleep technicians, it's a specialized field. Those are fields that take years to learn. I've been in this industry for 21 years, and I still learn something new every single day.