Jason Rogers: Professional problem solver

Friday, September 30, 2005

ATHENS, Ga. - Sometimes lack of perspective is a good thing - especially in the HME industry. A new breed of thinkers like Jason Rogers, vice president of Care Medical, wants to replace the defeatist mindset of the past with a rousing chorus of optimism.
"We historically have been content to quietly go about our business of providing equipment and supplies and let others stand in the spotlight," said Rogers, president-elect for the Georgia Association of Medical Equipment Services. "We need to gain recognition as an integral part of home care and health care in general. Home care is the key to saving money in healthcare. This is the message that can gain momentum, and I'm finding ways to carry that message to lawmakers and bureaucrats."
Because Rogers doesn't dwell on the past, he is free to focus on the future - receptive to ideas like back office automation and new technology investment that jaded old-timers might freely dismiss.
"While I can't say 'Back in the '80s Medicare tried this and here's what we did,' the lack of experience does leave your mind open to unorthodox approaches that lead to a better way of doing something," he said.
"I see myself as a problem solver who figured out that it is more efficient to solve problems if you lead the effort rather than shout suggestions from the sidelines."
As is typical with the HME profession, Rogers went in other directions before landing in the industry.
He originally studied pre-med at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C., but took a radical detour into philosophy. After college he "stumbled" into HME through a temp job in data entry and as he learned the software, became interested in the billing process. Before long he was a full-time employee specializing in accounts receivables, eventually promoted to billing manager.
Rogers found his niche in financial management and to enhance his knowledge, enrolled in the Cross Continent Executive MBA program at Duke University. He graduated in May and now as vice president carries some influence on the company's future course.
"Technology and new processes like document imaging and Web-based applications can change the operation of a company, but it takes willingness, vision and money. The changing reimbursement landscape will require an ability to approach health care in a different way, operating on lower margins in a manner that is more integrated with health care as a whole," said Rogers.


Ages: 29 Company/position: Care Medical/Vice President Headquarters: Athens, Ga. Annual sales volume: $5 million Years in HME business: Eight Membership in professional organizations: President-elect of GAMES Business motto: "Care Medical is meeting needs"