Jaysec pockets e-CMN on hand-held PC

Monday, January 31, 2005

ATHENS, Tenn. - Imagine if referring physicians could complete oxygen CMNs at the same time they order an HME provider to deliver a concentrator. Pretty dreamy stuff. At Jaysec Technologies, they’re trying to fit that dream into the pocket PC they’ve been selling into the marketplace for several months.

Like Power Ox, which came to market with letters from CMS that supported its oximetry testing business model, Jaysec is also seeking approbation from federal agencies.

“Everyone is always waiting on the so-called CMS love letter,” said Jim Clare, Jaysec’s vice president of sales and marketing, “but they don’t always issue the love letter. They just tell you to stay within the rules.”

In the meantime, Jaysec is sending around a brief written for the company by attorney Elizabeth Hogue, who found no ‘gifting’ issue with the Jaysec business model.

More than 100 HME companies are now using Jaysec’s pocket PC to place equipment orders with manufacturers and to facilitate referrals from physicians. The VGM Group recently signed on Jaysec as one of its preferred manufacturers.

None of those customers have yet to use the Jaysec device to send an e-CMN, but Clare believes companies will start in the next month.

The e-CMN component works like this: After doctors navigate a series of pull down menus to order an oxygen concentrator, the CMN pops up on the doctor’s pocket PC. Many of the fields (i.e. address, UPIN) are already populated.

“The only thing the doctor has to put in is the patient’s name, and address and phone number,” said Clare. “Then he answers the six questions [on Part B] about the diagnosis code, duration etc.”

He said it would take the doctor an additional minute to a minute and a half to complete the additional steps.

“But that’s a lot cheaper and more time-efficient than coming back a week later and giving him a CMN,” said Clare.

The e-CMN shows up in the HME supplier’s system as an electronic facsimile (in pdf format) of the paper CMN.