Jolly good Fellow

Friday, December 28, 2012

WALSENBURG, Colo. – Weesie Walker is only the second person in NRRTS’s 20-year history to be named a NRRTS Fellow. She retired from her position as a branch manager for National Seating and Mobility in Atlanta in December. Walker spoke to HME News about why she devoted the past 20 years to maintaining standards in complex rehab.

HME News: You were one of the first NRRTS registrants. Why did you join?

Weesie Walker: I knew I wanted to be involved with the group and learn more. We didn’t have the education then that we do today. It was all word of mouth. I also knew there needed to be standards and I wanted to be part of that. 

HME: Why do you feel it’s important to be a NRRTS registrant today?

Walker: There needs to be a way to give consumers an idea of who’s more qualified in seating and positioning. And the educational aspect is the really important part. For new people coming into the field, it takes some guesswork out of it. I learned as I went. Now, younger people can have a clear idea of what the job entails. 

HME: What are some of the challenges facing NRRTS registrants today?

Walker: Getting recognized as being part of the team. You bring a lot to the table. Another gigantic obstacle is funding—understanding what codes mean and who will qualify for what. It was a lot more fun in the early days. All you had to do was figure out what people needed and then we went from there. 

HME: Looking back, how do you feel?

Walker: I’ve had a rewarding career. I’m glad about the role we get to play in helping someone meet their maximum potential. We see people at a low point in their life—after a traumatic injury, or meeting parents after their child is born with special needs. That means that what we do really does matter. It’s not just the sale of a piece of equipment.