Letter to the editor

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We went through one of these audits at the beginning of the year and did not get paid for about eight weeks (“Provider survives cuts, recession only to fall victim to ZPIC audit,” HME News, August 2010). We are still trying to dig out of the havoc this caused. Try running a business with no income. This is just another back channel way to thin the herd. It seems as though CMS will not rest until they have only a handful of providers. All in the name of saving money, supposedly. Far from it. When there are only a few providers left, you will have a de facto cartel. Does the name OPEC ring any bells? When CMS “achieves” this end game and tries for yet more reductions in reimbursements, what do you think will happen? We will stand with Richard; he has our support.

– Jeff Brast, Special Care Home Oxygen, Richardson, Texas