Letters to the editor:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

In response to the blog titled “What Gives?”: I am also finding it hard to believe that so few comments about the oxygen cap have been posted. I say “posted” because my comments have yet to appear on the Web site. I have no idea why, but two possibilities come to mind: There may be a glitch in their system or they have been inundated with so many responses that they are overwhelmed. Either way, anyone who views the comments would come to the conclusion that it is a subject with very little interest. I feel that we have effectively shot ourselves in the foot once again.

- Vincent Bolen, Access Medical South, Fort Myers, Fla.

After listening to a Webinar on the new oxygen rules, I was reminded of the  Webinars on national competitive bidding where CMS could not provide answers to questions. With the cap in effect and the possibility of competitive bidding in the future, why hasn’t someone asked CMS what will happen to these oxygen patients when their provider is not a winning bidder? Do we really think a new provider will take care of these patients for nothing? Again, CMS has failed to fully think through their ingenious regulations - at the expense of patients.

- Karen Taylor, At Home Medical Medical Equipment and Supplies, Benton, Ky.