Lincare buys company, lays off 70

Sunday, April 17, 2005

LAWRENCE, Kansas -- Lincare acquired an innovative HME company from Rotech founder, Bill Kennedy, and laid off roughly 70 full-time call center employees here last week.

Lincare closed the deal for Home Oxygen 2-U about a month ago. Beyond confirming the acquisition, Lincare declined to comment, as did Kennedy.

A handful of employees still staff the call center, and a chance exist that Lincare, which extended the call center's lease for four years, could rehire some of those laid off, reported a local news source.

Home Oxygen 2-U developed a business strategy that combined consumer advertising with oxygen technology designed to reduce deliveries and reduce operational costs.

Home Oxygen 2-U generates calls by running ads on cable TV for transfilling oxygen concentrators. When a potential oxygen patient calls in requesting information on the device, a call center employee connects the person with the nearest Home Oxygen 2-U location.