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Liviliti targets CPAP cleaning pain point

Liviliti targets CPAP cleaning pain point

LAKE CITY, Fla. – The launch of the Healthy Hose Pro by Liviliti Health Products this summer lined up well with the increasing emphasis on cleaning sleep therapy equipment, says CEO Brian Sharpe. 

The hose, which is patent pending and ISO 22196 certified, is anti-microbial and designed to eliminate and prevent 99.99% of bacteria. 

“We’re still going to recommend that you wash it out with soap and water, but you’re not going to have bacteria growing inside the hose, so it eliminates that worry,” Sharpe said. “It helps providers support their patients in meeting a current challenge in the CPAP cleaning space.” 

Liviliti, which also makes a CPAP cleaner and a sanitizing wand, began shipping the hoses in late August and planned to attend both the Heartland Conference in September and Medtade East in October to promote the product.  

Sharpe got the idea for the product when he was listening to recorded customer service support calls and heard that cleaning hoses was an obstacle that could lead to CPAP non-compliance. 

“A common compliant was users were really struggling with cleaning their hoses,” he said. “Whether it was sanitizing using UV or ozone or even soap and water as the main line of defense, it was cumbersome. It led me down the path of, there has to be a better way to do this.” 

Liviliti is positioning the product as cash-pay out the gate, but the company is also working on applying for a new code to reflect the added costs of making an anti-microbial hose. 

“It needs to have a higher level of reimbursement,” Sharpe said.


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