MED University goes public with new courses

Sunday, March 31, 2002

LUBBOCK, Texas - After a year and a half as a private educational resource for MED Group members, MED University is going public.

The new MED University Mastery Program debuts April 22 and offers targeted online training in eight job categories for MED and non-MED members.

Those categories are repair (rehab and respiratory); driver/delivery technician (rehab and respiratory); sales; general warehouse staff; receptionist/general office staff; customer service rep; and reimbursement specialist.

The Mastery Program requires participants to complete 13-22 courses, depending on the job category. Most courses run one to two hours. Certification under the Mastery Program ranges from $150 to $350 per student, depending on the job category. (Jobs that require more specialized knowledge, such as rehab or respiratory repair, generally cost more and require more course work.)

Besides generating revenue for MED, the Mastery Program helps raise the industry's status with lawmakers and other regulators, said Gary Schwantz, MED's director of educational services.

"Our industry is at the point where the companies that remain are more professional and interested in the profession than ever before," said Schwantz. "The ones who remain are committed to the industry and this is our contribution to raising the standards of the industry." HME