Medicaid relents

Thursday, July 31, 2008

AUGUSTA, Maine--It looks like the state’s providers have been able to thwart Medicaid’s plans to implement a 16% cut to reimbursement for home medical equipment.

“The Medicaid situation is under control,” reported Jim Greatorex, the Maine chair for the New England Medical Equipment Dealers, in June.

Instead of a cut, Medicaid plans to “tighten utilization” for home medical equipment and “cap the amount it will pay for items based on a basic fee schedule,” Greatorex said.

“They’re looking at the average cost to supply, say, a hospital bed, and limiting what they’ll pay, so folks aren’t ordering a deluxe bed when a standard will do,” he said.

Providers have also been able to dodge Medicaid’s plans to use an out-of-state provider for incontinence supplies, said Greatorex.