Member groups bolster certification programs

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WATERLOO, Iowa - The VGM Group and The MED Group have revamped their review courses for rehab professionals preparing for their ATS and ATP certifications.
VGM's U.S. Rehab has teamed up with faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh to create online courses that will be more convenient and more cost effective than on-site courses, said Jerry Keiderling, vice president.
"We found that a lot of people find it too expensive to travel for training, when you consider the flight, the hotel and the time away from work," he said.
The MED Group has added "guided training" to complement its track of 18 ATS/ATP online courses, said Gary Schwantz, the former director of education services for MED.
"We've added e-conferences and on-site reviews to keep everyone on track," said Schwantz, now a consultant to the member organization.
The courses are increasingly in demand. Last year, CMS announced that it would require that ATPs conduct evaluations for certain power wheelchairs and that suppliers with ATSs on staff provide the equipment, beginning April 1, 2008.
U.S. Rehab's courses will take anywhere from 30 hours to 120 hours to complete, depending on a user's pace, Keiderling said.