Meter manufacturer moves operations stateside

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Diagnostic Devices Inc. (DDI) plans to bring most of its offshore manufacturing operations to the United States and add about 100 jobs in the next two years.

Right now, DDI manufactures the Prodigy Meter in China and Taiwan, according to a May 22 article in the Charlotte Business Journal. But by 2011, it will manufacture 80% of its products in Charlotte, N.C.

Richard Admani Abulhaj, COO, told the journal that high-tech manufacturing makes it possible for DDI to make its products in the United States for less money.

“We’d rather be creating jobs here instead of in China,” Abulhaj told the journal.

DDI currently has 50 employees and expects to generate more than $30 million in revenues this year. The company is forecasting annual revenues of $100 million in the next three years.