Metzger resigns from The Scooter Store

Sunday, May 2, 2004

May 3, 2004

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - Doug Harrison, President of The Scooter Store, announced that Dr. Paul Metzger has resigned his position as executive vice president of medical affairs for the company effective April 30.
“We are grateful to Dr. Metzger for his contributions to The Scooter Store,” Harrison said.
Metzger served as DMERC Region C medical director before joining the Scooter Store last fall as a special advisor. He subsequently became a Scooter Store employee.
Metzger’s decision to leave Region C revolved around the sweeping changes in the K0011 power wheelchair market now underway.
After the coverage guidelines for power wheelchairs tightened up and the denials started flying last year, Metzger, who’d never subscribed to the ‘three steps and you’re out’ theory of claims denial for power wheelchairs, realized he could not abide an about-face on policy, especially when he realized it was not within his power to turn around the policy internally.
“I chose not to be a party to what was being done to legitimate suppliers of powered mobility, without my knowledge or consent,” Metzger wrote in an e-mail to HME News, explaining his resignation. “Resignation was my only honorable alternative.”