Mobility: Manual

Monday, September 30, 2002

Body Tech
Dynamic Fixed Lateral Support Wheelchair hardware
First used in the fixed lateral support product in the BT 4000 line, Body Tech NW's titanium-based hardware provides end users with total support and "smart" design that springs back after use.

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Falcon Rehab

Atlas Articulating Lateral Supports Positioning Device
Atlas Articulating Lateral Supports are designed to solve traditional problems, such as insufficient ad-justability, bending under stress or load, difficulty with proper positioning or attachment, swinging only to 90�, and too much metal exposure. It features up to 3 inches of adjustment per side and solid-steel construction.

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Eagle Health

Wheelchair #22202 Manual wheelchair
With an aluminum frame, steel base tube and double aluminum cross bars, Eagle's Lightweight Wheelchair comes in at 32 pounds. It features flip-back desk arms, swing-away footrests and adjustable seat height.

Booth No. 243
ShearStop Seating Pad Seat pad

The ShearStop Seating Pad features LiquiCell, which uses a combination of low-viscosity fluid and strategically placed baffles to control flow and reduce tissue shear stress and pressure. Such factors help to aid circulation, and absorb shock and vibration.

Booth No. 5346

IVC Manual Wheelchair
The IVC Manual Wheelchair Series focuses on interchangeability, value and complexity reduction. Throughout the product line, the chairs are interchangeable and compatible with each other, and are also interchangeable with Invacare's Tracer and the 9000 series. The complexity of choosing a wheelchair has been reduced by consolidating 18 different frames down to 10.

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Kinsnam Enterprises

Mobility Arm Counter-balance system

The Mobility Arm is a hand/arm counter-balance system designed for a wheelchair. The mounting bracket allows the unit to be used on the right or left side. It easily adjusts to counter arm weight.

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Lifestyle Mobility

Lightweight Companion Wheelchairs
Lifestyle's 18-inch aluminum companion wheelchair weighs 24 pounds and features a fold-down back, locking loop brakes and tire brakes that patients can manipulate themselves.

Booth No. 5443

MC-800P Bariatric Stretchair Combo wheelchair / stretcher
The MC-800P Bariatric Stretchair combines chair/wheelchair, recliner, stretcher, transport unit and lateral transfer aid all in one. It has the ability to accommodate patients of up to 800 pounds. It also helps reduce caregiver back injuries.

Booth No. 4671
Sunrise Medical
Quickie Titanium Manual wheelchair
The Quickie Titanium has the features of the Quickie® GPV but with the advantages of a titanium frame, which, in addition to be lightweight and strong, actually absorbs shock for a smoother, lower-impact ride.

Booth No. 849
TAGA Medical

Waffle Pad Wheelchair cushion
The Meritage Gel cushion line uses a visco-elastic polymer that is as much as 30 percent lighter than typical polyurethane gels. The TAGA Waffle Pad is made from a soft polyurethane gel and can be added to patients existing wheelchair cushions to increase pressure reduction and stop bottoming out.

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Lenjoy Medical
Comfy High-riser Lift/Assist/Wheelchair
The seat elevates the individual as much as 8 inches, allowing him to work at counter level, to reach objects, or go from sitting to standing position. No electricity or batteries needed, and the seat can be locked in the lowered position.

Booth No. 1858
Dr. K Healthcare

Featherweight Wheelchair

This 18-inch transport chair features aluminum construction and footrests, fold-down back, positioning belt, loop brakes, and 14-inch rare non-flat tires.

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Becker Solutions

EZ Adjust Limb Support
The EZ Adjust Limb Support is one component in a universal system for attaching accessories to a wheelchair. It adjusts for variable elevation and slides left or right for proper limb alignment. No tools or hardware are required for installation.

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