More audits are coming, more audits are coming

Friday, February 21, 2014

If you’re hoping to hear positive signs at Medtrade Spring that audits might be abating, then you’ll likely leave Las Vegas disappointed. 

Kelly Grahovac, a senior consultant with The van Halem Group, will discuss the audit climate, alongside president Wayne van Halem. She’ll provide insight into the new layers of audits being heaped upon providers, including the new national RAC and UPIC.

Grahovac and van Halem will also address the most recent changes to the Program Integrity Manual, such as the ability to use templates and amendments to documentation.  

Here’s an advance look at Grahovac’s tips for audit survival. 

HME News: What’s an example of a best practice you’ll be sharing?

Kelly Grahovac: Providers need to not only get documentation up front, but also look at it to be sure it’s what you need. It sounds simple but some just get the information and go on with it. Develop a good relationship with a physician’s office and be sure they hear what you are saying so they can provide what you ask. Four hundred pages isn’t good if only one page has what you need. 

HME: What can providers do to develop those good relationships with physicians?

Grahovac: Often it’s simple things you can do to keep your referral sources happy. But also, let them know that you are compliant so that they can rest assured that they are compliant. If you are doing what you’re supposed to do, providing the equipment, repairing equipment, helping the beneficiary as needed, it’s positive for them on the back end when they are referring patients.

HME: What’s one key point that you hope providers will take away from your session? 

Grahovac: I know it’s scary, but I want them to leave with confidence that when they get approached—and they will get approached—that they can feel confident they will come through on the other side.