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MSC, RA take on role of ‘consolidator’

MSC, RA take on role of ‘consolidator’

FORT WORTH, Texas – The combination of MSC Biomedical Services and Repair Authority puts the companies well on their way to having a national network for repairs, but they’re not done yet. 

Company execs say additional acquisitions and new locations are very much on the table to support their existing locations in Fort Worth, Texas (MSC), Houston (MSC), Colorado Springs, Colo. (MSC), and Strongsville, Ohio (Repair Authority). 

“We have a healthy appetite to form a national network,” said Jonathan Hadley, CEO of MSC. “We have a pretty aggressive growth trajectory and now, with the right people at the helm, I don’t believe it’s a daunting task.” 

Jesse Keirn, CEO of Repair Authority, and Dan Meyer, chief revenue officer for the company, will join MSC in those same positions. 

The companies believe a national network for repairs is needed to better serve a consolidated provider market. 

“This is the natural evolution,” Hadley said. “On the provider side, there has been heavy top-line consolidation; on the repair side, there hasn’t been anything to match that. We believe we can be that consolidator. We believe we can take a fractured market and match it to what’s happened in the provider market.” 

Since both companies believe consolidation is necessary, it was just a matter of whether or not they “went it alone or found the right partner,” Keirn says. 

“We opted for finding the right partner and doing it a little faster,” he said. “It’s a great example of the sum being greater than the individual parts.” 

The companies also believe on the same overarching goal: “an honest, ethical approach to the business,” Keirn says. 

“We always found MSC as a premiere company doing it the way we were doing it,” he said. “There was that mutual respect on both sides.”


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