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Naturally Able gets reboot

Naturally Able gets reboot

LAS VEGAS - Lisa Wells launched Naturally Able, an online community for people with disabilities, about two years ago, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed her to expand its scope. The initiative now includes 12 N-Able guides with various specialties to not only contribute advice, resources and news to but also offer consulting services to HME providers.

Here's what Wells, who also founded Wheel:Life and sold it to Comfort Medical in 2016, had to say about how the public health emergency has heightened the need for providers to interact with their customers, just in a different way.

HME News: What has it been like for people with disabilities during this pandemic?

Lisa Wells: The sense of insecurity and vulnerability in this community has been high and we've all been asking ourselves, what can we do? As more and more stories started popping up of people feeling out of control, I got together with 12 of the best people that I know of in this space to create this community. There are leading social influencers, advocacy experts, clinicians—and the majority of them all use wheelchairs. We're now turning around and teaching HME providers how to better communicate and service these people.

HME: What tools are you using to help providers do that?

Wells: We're creating authentic content. We're expanding the reach of their brand through social channels. We're teaching their employees how to be more inclusive. We provide a whole host of services—product advisement, event support—anything that can help a provider connect with the community they serve.

HME: Why is it more important than ever for providers to strengthen their connections with customers?

Wells: Obviously, providers have had to pivot their marketing plans unexpectedly, with travel being limited and service calls being limited and hospital engagements being limited. The traditional means for obtaining referrals and brand growth are tabled for now. Going to a more online marketing approach reduces the overall costs of sales—it minimizes expense but maximizes reach—and it creates instant touch points with a potential customer base, which desperately needs support right now.

HME: So customers are responsive to this approach?

Wells: One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been the importance of connection. If there's any way providers can relieve some of the anxiety out there, it will be received with thanks.


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