No big changes in ASP pricing

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WASHINGTON - There were no major surprises in the first quarter reimbursements for respiratory drugs released by CMS in January. Most providers expected ASP pricing to remain relatively stable and it did.
"It's almost identical to what we projected it to be," said Mickey Letson, president of the Letco Companies.
The outlook is good for Xoponex which saw a slight decrease to $3.35 per dose or $1.33 per unit.
"We're seeing a lot of our patients shifted to that drug," said Harold Davis, director of operations for VGM's Nationwide Respiratory. "That's good news for Xoponex. They've waited years to be able to provide (the drug) to Medicare patients."
With the release in Dec. 2005 of its new metered dose inhaler, Xopenex may be well-positioned to compete in the market created by the new Medicare Part D benefit.
"I think Medicare is leaning more toward where they're going to want physicians to try patients on other forms of therapy before they put them on unit dose medication," said Davis.
DuoNeb continued its yearlong downward trend, dropping roughly ten cents to $1.02 per dose or $2.048 per unit since October. Other changes in drug pricing were miniscule.