NSM launches RehabAIR

Friday, November 7, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility (NSM) has launched a new digital tool to maximize client services. 

It’s called RehabAIR, and it’s available on handheld tablet devices. 

“The desired benefit is to be able to get equipment to the client faster. That’s why it was developed,” said Bill Noelting, NSM vice president of marketing.

When traditional transactions and paperwork can take weeks or longer to process, RehabAIR allows assistive technology professionals (ATP’s) to maximize hands-on time with clients, while minimizing non-therapeutic procedures and data processing. 

“The clients seem to like the fact that they’re one touch away of being able to display multiple equipment options,” Noelting said. “We believe that today’s clients and any customer sort of expects a computer integration at some level.” 

RehabAIR is a broadband application designed to run on Windows 8.1 tablets. It took two years for NSM’s development team to design and roll out RehabAIR to medical technology suppliers, and so far, early reports have been positive. 

“We have RTSs (rehab technology suppliers) that swear by it,” Noelting said. “Clients and therapists seem to like that a lot.”

Technology suppliers have found RehabAIR to be quick and user-friendly, and there has been an increase in transaction cycles and deliveries, Noelting said. 

RehabAIR is also used to compare client equipment pricing, access manufacturer’s options, specify equipment, investigate and confirm funding, troubleshoot problems and place orders into NSM’s processing system, said NSM spokesperson Mark McLean. 

While RehabAIR might make work faster and more efficient in the field, Noelting acknowledged that the app is a work in progress. 

“It will never be finished,” Noelting said. “We always see something that the RTS always need, or they tell us what they need. It will continue to be improved every day.”