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Pain Points: Avoid compliance headaches

Pain Points: Avoid compliance headaches

Price WoodingQ. Do I need workflow management software? 

A. “Do I really need EHR/EMR software?” is commonly asked by start-ups and established HME facilities alike when trying to justify the expense of software. While this friction point is an understandable one – considering the accumulating required costs of starting a HME facility – the fact of the matter is: Software aids compliance. 

As we know, operating an HME facility without a dedicated compliance program is akin to driving a car without working brakes: Without the ability to know when to slow down, you will eventually come to an unpleasantly abrupt stop. Utilizing EHR/EMR to support your facility’s compliance program – earlier rather than later – is like adding a proactive maintenance light.   

Here are four key ways that adapting EHR/EMR software into your facility’s compliance program can support your facility’s success. 

First, many software providers build in “hard stops,” which prohibits users from moving through steps without completing compliance checkpoints. Second, software providers commonly offer “document storage” features that allow users to compliantly store patient record information, medical documentation, product tracking and more. Next, using a software provider to manage your complete workflow allows for a much more granular look at the running of your business, while offering the capability to run reports to analyze and correct your processes. And finally, using software that captures a complete trail of your equipment and patient communications can be a game changer during inspections. Having all contact log information, along with complete product tracking, within your system can be preferable during inspections, rather than rummaging through different binders and folders.   

There are many HME specific EHR/EMR software providers, and it is important to demo a variety to find one that fits you best. In the end, this technology tool can help bring compliance to the forefront of conversation and allow you make your start-up process smoother and your operations successful.  

Price A. Wooding, CDME, ADLS, is the owner of DME for Me Consulting and can be reached for questions at [email protected]


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