PaperPak Attends to name change

Sunday, August 12, 2007

GREENVILLE, N.C. - The top dogs at incontinence products manufacturer PaperPak changed the company's name Aug. 1 to Attends Healthcare Products, and with good reason: Their customers more or less suggested they do so.

"From a recent survey with providers, it was a little surprising," said Rick Finlayson, vice president of marketing. "They came back and said that (our product) Attends was second only to (Kimberly-Clark's) Depend in name recognition. It has a lot of brand equity, and no one really knew what PaperPak was."

The name change comes about seven months after KPS Capital Partners, a venture capital firm, acquired the company. With the name change and cash infusion, the company's never been stronger or more prepared to compete in a large, growing market segment that's fragmented and, ultimately, ripe for consolidation, Finlayson said.

According to estimates, some 13 million Americans suffer from some kind of adult incontinence. Going forward, Finlayson said, the nation's growing senior population and obesity epidemic will continue to fuel the need for adult incontinence products.

Key players in the adult incontinence market include Attends, Kimberly-Clark, Tyco, First Quality and SCA Hygiene. The market also includes a fair number of smaller players.

Products in the Attends line include briefs, protective underwear, pads and underpads, washcloths and tissue, maternity pads and pants.