Permobil launches national credentialing program

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Permobil is aiming for nothing short of a nationwide sea-change in credentialing for rehab providers. Last month, the company launched a trade group called the National Rehab Credentialing Association.

The group’s main goal is to raise money to fund credentialing efforts like the one currently underway in Tennessee. Those efforts would typically involve the employment of state-level lobbyists.

“Once the 50 states are certified, we’ll close it down,” said Darren Jernigan, Permobil’s director of government affairs. “When we get a third to half the states, we’ll get it through Congress.”

In its first days the fledgling group attracted one other member from a major manufacturer.

Jernigan plans to involve rehab providers and industry groups. He said representatives from 30 states have expressed interest.

The next eight states on NRCA’s target list are Texas, Fla. N.Y, N.C, Ky., Miss., Mo. and Del. HME