Poster child

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SCARBOROUGH, Maine – National Sleep Therapy will get to show off its success at getting patients engaged and compliant at a meeting of the minds for sleep therapy.

The provider has been selected to do a "poster presentation" at Sleep 2012 in Boston, held June 9-13. The annual event, hosted by Associated Professional Sleep Societies, draws sleep clinicians and scientists from around the world.

"Physicians who treat sleep disordered breathing can see how our process works and the outcomes that we help them deliver to their patients," said Eric Cohen, president.

The poster presentation is somewhat informal: Presenters display large posters describing what they have done and, during a set time period during the conference, they are available to answer questions. National Sleep Therapy's presentation centers around the provider's therapy process and compliance results.

National Sleep Therapy's patient compliance rate is about 90%, compared to a national average of about 50%. Cohen attributes that to the provider's ability to collect and analyze data, and engage its patients. 

"I think the entire patient experience is better," he said. "Our education is better, the way we've been training the clinicians—I think that's why the patient engagement is higher."

The provider also pays close attention to the equipment it puts out.

"The way we look at equipment is getting more scientific," said Cohen. "We aren't basing it just on the equipment, we are basing it on results and data like what masks have the most therapeutic efficacy, for example."