From the publisher

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I've been looking over the shoulder of Editor Jim Sullivan for the past several weeks as he's collected the entries for this year's HME Excellence Award.

The award, sponsored by AAHomecare, Medtrade and HME News, is to recognize excellence among general HME providers, home respiratory providers and rehab technology providers. The award presentations will take place at Medtrade's opening reception on October 29.

We developed a scoring system to take the nearly 100 entrants and reduce them to a workable group of finalists. That group is now submitting additional materials for our judging panel of industry luminaries, who will make the final decision. You can hear from the judges directly about how they chose, in a panel session at Medtrade on Tuesday, October 29. The entries impressed me. They ranged from the smallest to the largest providers in our business. Their broad spectrum of characteristics truly represents a cross-section of the industry.

But there does seem to be a common element among all finalists: They participate actively in industry organizations, either locally or nationally. Some names you'll recognize; some you won't; some you might know from their high-profile in the industry; some you might find in our "Quoted" index, a new addition to HME News (See page 37). We talk to great  numbers of people every month. Our success as a publication is directly related to the number of people we talk to, just as success in business seems to correlate with active participation in the industry. The best news about the awards is, there are also some lesser-known companies that are leaders, too. In the end, the judges will have a difficult task choosing the winners. The awards give us a great opportunity to talk about all the things that are right with the HME industry and to recognize the caring men and women who make it happen. Join me at Medtrade to honor them. HME